about us
                                         The Children’s Boutique Shanghai is premier children enrichment center renowned for
                                         creative and innovative kids art classes, day camps, birthday celebrations,and special
                                         Our unique and original curricula provide children the opportunity to build confidence 
                                         and express their individuality through participation in physically challenging,
                                         artistically enriching, and intellectually stimulating programs.
                                         We set out to build an educational, friendly, clean and well-managed organization with
                                         extremely high standards for instructors and for the curriculum they teach. Our
                                         international team continually seeks to inspire exemplary customer service and to
                                         discover new ways of offering stimulating, consistently enriching kids classes dedicated
                                         to progressing the physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth of your child.
Children of different ages on a regular basis to provide the most professional platform,
to allow each child to play to their strengths. Achievements of each child, to record the
                                                   honor in the history of their growth!
                                        Toastmasters Club                             Writing Club                                 Creative Club
                                        Drama club                                       Reading Club                                Art Club
                                        Musical Club                                      Golf Club                                      Kung Fu Club
                                        Roller skating Club

Wonderful party
Often let the children take part in some of their party activities, can develop their ability
                                        to adapt to the environment, early contact with social life, and helps to learn to adapt
                                        and integrate into the social groups.
                                       The baby was born party        Personalized birthday party           Children's theme party
                                       Graduation pictures party       Personalized adult parties              Cool mom party
family party                 Chinese and Western holiday party